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Where do you paint?

edited June 2013 in Studio & Supplies
What kind of physical space are you using for a studio?

Some have lots of room to spread out, others are painting in very small spaces. Some paint at home in the kitchen, garage, basement, attic, or bedroom, while others rent studio space in warehouses, etc.

I'm using a small back bedroom as a sort of studio - at least it's where I paint. Not an ideal space, but I'm able to keep my mess contained to that area. Before that, I was painting in our family room (doesn't work with grandchildren and dogs in the area). I don't have an air purifier (it's on the wish list), and haven't yet built the shadow box. Still need to paint the walls, but may use gray rather than black (haven't decided).

Where do you paint? Do you have any tips or tricks to make your space more efficient?

Thanks for your comments!

Sue Harrell



  • Nice photo stitch @Martin_J_Crane! And nice painting space you created!
  • great renovation. I can see you sitting in your wing-back ruminating over your paintings.
  • jcdrjcdr -
    edited July 2013
    @opnwyder Your'e hilarious!! =))
  • edited July 2013
    jcdr said:

    So not only do I not own an easel and hang the canvases on a nail, but I'm actually working in a pass-thru "hallway" between my kitchen and b'fast room. As there is no room for a table I have my palette on the kitchen counter and have to turn 180 every time I apply paint. Somewhat less than ideal hmmmm? I also have the added fun of people walking thru as I'm painting...and this is the best area in my house for this unfortunately ~X(

    With all that twisting who needs a gym?

    @Harrell and @Robert come on! where are the photos?

    @opnwyder love to see that set up. I'm guessing you have other ventilation issues.

  • @Castillo "where are the photos?"
    where are yours? ;)
  • If I hadn't had to go to the dentist today for a crown, I could have taken a picture of my space. I will try to do that tomorrow.
    Yeah, I want to see that too opnwyder! Do you do crowns? :D
    Jcdr, maybe you would benefit from one of those palettes with the thumb hole.
    Martin, your basement studio looks very comfy.
  • @Harrell, I think changing your wall color would be advantageous because any strong color like that can bounce around and influence the colors your'e seeing, particularly skin tones. Yellow walls make our cinematographer twitch.
  • @Castillo Nice environment- soft ambient glow thru the sheers, excellent proximity to Keurig - and a huge freakin easel. wow :-bd
    Starting the garage reno as well - painting in a hallway sucks.
  • @dencal - OMG!! Denis I love this space. All the raw wood & brick & tile & lush green foliage & hanging baskets and... wait.... where's the coffee pot?
    Jeez, it was almost perfect.
    All kidding aside, you must be one happy guy.
  • edited July 2013
    Wow - these are all amazing!

    @Newb, it sounds like your garage would be a perfect se-up. I'm eager to see photos when you're ready to post them. Would you include the easel, light stands, towel dispenser, and shadow box as well?

    @Castillo, your space looks incredibly organized. I keep studying your photos. Everything is so CLEAN! Incredible!

    @Ronna, your shadow box shows up well. It look like a perfect setting to paint. I see you've used PVC pipe to construct your shadow box. Is it similar to the one that Carol Marine uses? It looks like the light above it might be the one Mark describes in his video. A while ago I bought all of the PVC pipe and stuff to build a "Carol Marine" shadow box, but being a professional procrastinator, I haven't set it up yet.

    @gfish - I envy you your separate studio space. That would be an ideal situation.

    @Denis - Holy smoke! That's gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing the photos, you guys. It's fun to see where others are working.

    @Robert - Are you able to post a photo?
  • Sue, my shadow box is just a square shape. I have since seen Marines. It's a nice one.
    The light above is a stove pipe with a lid.
  • ahhhh, Santa's workshop. Nice. ;)
  • edited July 2013
    @Kingston I envy your hughes!
  • Looks like the studio of a well-established artist!
  • @greendl very nice- you've got it all. jealous.
  • @greendl - I love it! I especially love the shadow box.
  • These are all great photos for ideas for me since I am going to have a studio either built on my property of or renovate a large attached garage that the previous owners used for their mobile home. Just working out the details and seeing if my better half will relinquish the garage space. If not I'll have something built.

    For years I've been in the corner of a living room with a make shift set up and a crappy cheap easel :(( And to take a pic of a painting I have to rip apart the room so I rarely takes pics and upload them. I have 56 paintings I've never shown. I need to get my act together :-t
  • edited July 2013
    @tjs I remember seeing your blog (until I lost the bookmark) I would love to see some of those paintings! Your no blend challenge was a stunner.
    I have been thinking of building a 10x10 shed for a studio. I have a terrible make shift set up. I wouldn't need a building permit for that either. 10x10 is the limit and would be more SqFt than I have now.
  • @newb - My gosh, that easel is amazing! Is that your design? It seems like it would be perfect for painting. Having niches for the mahl stick makes so much sense. It's so cool that it can be tilted, easily moved, and is collapsible. Your easel is a work of art in intself!
  • edited July 2013
    @n0ll4n nice WORKMATE!!!....... I mean mixing table. #:-S
  • @castillo Hehehe, I know, it's perfect, I can even adjust the width ;)
  • edited July 2013
    Harrell said:

    @newb - My gosh, that easel is amazing! Is that your design? It seems like it would be perfect for painting. Having niches for the mahl stick makes so much sense. It's so cool that it can be tilted, easily moved, and is collapsible. Your easel is a work of art in intself!

    Thanks n0ll4n Excellent choice using a Workmate.
    Thanks Harrel. Yes completely my design. I kept looking at easels on line and didn't like the narrow support at the top. I also didn't want to hang a stick over the canvas. I wanted something a little steadier. I was wondering if it would be helpful to people with motor skill issues or seniors with arthritis issues. It's supported at the top and bottom so you don't need to hold it with one hand. I want to make another one and make a couple of refinements to it but I would rather paint right now. Saw dust is bad for wet paint. :)
  • Very nice easel Newb. Was thinking the other day about make a Mahl stick, as I'm not a good straight line painter. Great Idea on you design. thanks for sharing.
  • NEWB, can you extend the horizontal mahl holder and connect at the ends with the same holder so you could have the mahl stick lay horizontal. your holes need to be large enough or have and angle in them so you can offset your malh stick to have angles. just a thought.
  • @greendl I think an easier alternative would be to rotate the canvas 90 degrees for horizontal lines.
  • yes, that will work. The way I paint turning the canvas I would have so much paint on my hands. you have a great idea anyway.
  • @tjs 56 paintings never shown?! There are many hungry eyes here....
  • I figured I would post these too as I took pictures for the studio lighting question. There's a detailed description of the light stands there.
    The paper towel holder is a copy from Garys design. I got a little fancy with that. I rabbited the uprights so the 1/4 inch panel was flush with the edge and beveled the top edge to meet flush with the 3/8 dowel also set flush with the edges for the paper towel to roll over. There is another dowel behind and below that to provide some tension. I made the mistake of making the uprights a little too close together though. When it gets humid and the wood swells, it adds too much tension to use the second dowel. It's so handy to have them at the ready. Have a look.
  • @newb
    Do you gave a design for your easel-I mean a pattern? Could we see a picture of the back of it -how it looks from the back? Thanks
  • @Castillo - missed this posting - yes it is. Good eye for you. I did that in college when I was 18. I'll post it here for shitz & giggles. oil on linen 22" x 30"image and while i'm feeling nostalgic here is a still life i did in 1982. Sorry it's a little soft focus. 20" x 30" pencil on paper. I worked on this so long I had to replace the fruit 3 times as it withered and erased to the point where i went through the paper in several places and glued new paper on from the backside. It's my favorite still life i've ever done. ( oh yeah, it's also the only still life i've ever done) lolimage
    Castillogreendl[Deleted User]rgr
  • @jcdr would be cool to see it in oils :-\"
  • Hmmmm. Probably not anytime soon, but I appreciate the sentiment. :-)
  • I have half of the computer room as my studio.
  • @TattooArtist, Like your setup but, that gas mask has me a little concerned!
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