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WIP & finished Fire Swallower

judithjudith -
edited May 2018 in Post Your Paintings
herewith one photo to paint, and the palette for the fire...the palette is the cad red and brown base then mostly cad red and yellow through to adding white in the lightest values and highlights

.the canvas is prepared, the face is drawn...I am now sitting contemplating how to approach painting the fire itself...the colours are so intermingled so much with a lot of detail...I wonder how that happened??? typical of me hey?

well after some consideration I'll start by drawing the areas where the darks are because the lighter fire colours can layer over them easily...that means I will let the darks get a bit sticky before painting the lights....

anyway I'll start the drawing of where the darks are now...AND I'll start up in the left hand corner...and try and work my way across then down ..

MAYBE, just MAYBE I won't get bathed in paint that I did this morning mixing the colours


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