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Catching up to my dream

Hello future friends,

I am a middle-aged divorced mom of 4 kids and grandma of 6. I am a "non-traditional" (old) student at Utah State University majoring in Severe Special Education and Psychology. It is college that finally gave me the courage and opportunity to take a drawing class, and this past semester, I picked up my first paint brush and opened my first tube of oil paint. I have been dreaming of being a portrait artist since I was a little girl coloring all the faces in my mom's magazines. I have shared this dream with so many over my life-time, and I was always asked why I haven't done it yet...well, I thought I had to spend a lot of money for art classes, which is why I took the class in school. I loved my art class and had a great teacher, but I have learned more from watching Marks full video on portraits than I have ever learned in class or the thousands of YouTube videos I have watched.

I want to thank Mark personally for his kindness and generosity of time and effort, and most of all, friendship and concern for those of us who want to fulfill a dream of becoming an artist. These two classes this past year have been the only professional lessons I have had since high-school in the mid-70's. I do not know much, and hope you will be patient with me as I ask some pretty dumb questions. I am so happy to have found Mark's videos, and purchased the portrait right away. I have one painting that I feel brave enough to share with you that I did for my final in art class. It is from a photo taken in Sierra Leone, Africa, of a well. The women there go to gather the water and carry it in these bright, colorful buckets on top of their heads back to their homes. I have a deep interest in African art because my son has been there for the past year serving a mission, and will be there for yet another year.

I look forward to getting to know each of you, and I know that I will learn so much here and I am very excited to take this summer break and learn to paint portraits.

Thank you again for providing this site, it is truly a blessing in my life.

Annette Jensen
(living in small town of Tremonton, Utah)


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