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I like boats

Here is my latest Carder workflow painting. I did use a broader palette. Using a more full palette is one of my goals. I've always used a pretty starved earth tone palette in my watercolors. I did start on a color ground. Acrylic Gesso tinted with Burnt Umber Acrylic. I use Artisan WSO oils. I drew from my photo using proportional dividers with a pastel pencil. Pretty simple. The drawing was fast. The painting not so much. I tried a couple of aerial perspective approaches and settled on this simple paint stroke thing. I took the photo a few years ago at my sister's place in Maine. I waited and crawled into an anchored boat to get this shot. I simplified it a bit but the composition is good. I forced it into a 2 square size. It's 20" x 10" on a Utretch linen canvas.
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