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recent forum problem

Some of you may have noticed the forum was down briefly, and that when it came back up, some parts of the layout were not functioning correctly. The people who host the forum were doing some maintenance and must have changed some code around. I didn't know about it in advance and wasn't able to fix it right away, but everything should be working now. If you find anything that looks wonky, let me know. Sorry about that!


  • Hi David; every time I leave the site, even for a couple of minutes, I have to sign in when I return. I checked the "keep me signed in box" is it me or you? Thanks
  • Some people have had this problem from time to time, including Mark I believe. It's never happened to me so I've never been able to reproduce the problem to troubleshoot it. So it might not be you, but it could be. What browser are you using? Do you know if you have cookies enabled? Are you browsing in some sort of "incognito" or "privacy" mode? Do other websites that allow you to check a "remember me" box work correctly?
  • Im still stuck on "wonky".. like a fruit fly on honey-buttered bread...... :)
  • What happened to our stars?
  • Ronna said:

    What happened to our stars?

    Someone mistook them to be an indicator of expertise, and someone else mistook them to be related to mod/admin/staff status. It was a good point — some people with no stars give good advice sometimes and some people with a bunch of stars give bad advice sometimes — so I removed them to avoid future confusion. Your "points" are still tallied on your profile page. It's all just gamification, no functionality lost.
  • Now I get a red flag that says
    " your IP is trying to log in too often slow down "
    That's because I keep getting logged off, I think
  • Bill, if you don't know how to check that your cookies are enabled and all that stuff, can you simply try using a different browser? I don't know what you're using now, but I recommend trying Chrome:
  • @billj David is right, enable cookies. It's the simplest thing to do. Put "how to enable cookies on a ____________" in the Search field of your browser. (The underscore is where you put the name of your browser or computing device.) Just select your browser or computing device from the dropdown menu that will appear and press enter. If it doesn't appear, just click Enter. You will be taken to a page with the steps you need. :)
  • Summer
    Thanks, I use my iPhone 6 Plus . Haven't figured it out yet. I'm slow but consistent . By the way the painting I'm working on ( 44" x 48" ) might be my best yet. Will post it when I get a little more done.
    Thanks for all the help.
  • Go to Settings > Safari > Block Cookies and choose "always allow" or "allow for website I visit". Or just go here:
  • David, I couldn't fix the problem for a month . Today I signed on as usual and now I'm signed in permanently , go figure? I guess the phone decided it would give me a break. 
    Thanks for all your help, it's appreciated. 
    Bill J
  • I'm glad the phone gave you a break before you broke the phone.  =)  Honestly I don't think this is problem was in any way your fault — people have reported this issue in the past and I have never been able to figure out what the problem is. The forum is not something I built myself, so it's a mostly a mystery to me.
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