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New work "The Medallion Vase" 16x20


  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Very nice. If you are looking for critique, please ask.  We hold back by default.
  •  That vase was a bugger to paint. Almost gave up on this one. Glad now I finished it.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Vase is very good, everything about this is great. It's the lower white vase that appears to be leaning to the left.
  • Never noticed that. I think the problem is the closer top edge right side is a bit off.
  • Looking at this more, the problem is a value and edge issue. Should have had a harder edge maybe and upped the value on the lip of the vase. 
  • This is a very nice still life. You've done a great job on the vase. The fruit is lovely, too.  :)

  • Another masterpiece from you.  May I ask if you blend as you paint or wait until you have the canvas covered.  Or, both.  Your eye for color nuances is magical but probably inherited since you are a Whistler after all.   :)   I'm looking in particular from this painting what techniques you used that were choices on your part.  Brush information?  Though some may sometimes disagree what constitutes a technique, one in particular that I see is the way you have cool colors causing the background to recede and warmer colors in the foreground giving the painting more perspective.  And, that the combination of red and green is adding to the pleasant overall color theme and balance.  Anything else?  I'd love to know your own analysis of your conscious choices.  Thank you. 

  •  In the light warm colors come forward and cool colors recede. In the shadows warm colors recede and cool colors come forward. I try not to blend much but as I work the painting blending happens. Sometimes more than I like.
  • I thought I should mention that this is a painting that I started two years ago and couldn't finish, the vase was beyond me at that time. I got it out and finished it just this Winter as my skills had improved. So there is more blending in the tablecloth than I would have done now. Live and learn.
  • Tremendous art piece. But after you mentioned the cloth I have to agree. It's the weak spot in the painting. The lower vase tilt might have gone un noticed if it hadn't been mentioned. The realism is both excellent and painterly.
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