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Daily painting

edited May 2013 in Painting
I've mentioned it before, but I play around so much with my setups and other things for larger paintings that on many nights I don't end up doing much painting at all. I know people say "just paint" but I've come to realize that its just not in my nature to do so unless I have an "ah-hah!" feeling about the composition that makes me really want to paint it.

So, to improve my skills, I've set up a second very simple shadow box in another part of my basement studio for small, one-day alla prima painting sketches of simple subjects, sort of how Abbey Ryan goes about it. I hope to do at least 4 per week - in addition to working on a larger DMP painting - so I'll post some of the resulting paintings here, for better of for worse. Tonight I'll post a picture of the setup - I'm using a tracing light box for lighting from the left side.


  • That's a great idea Martin.
    So much time and energy is put into a larger painting. It really needs to be something you're really happy with. I understand where you're coming from.
    By the way, we're doing your challenge next right? Do a painting in the style of someone famous. I don't want to be the only one doing it.
  • A large painting is like a long road trip. If you don't have a good foundation that you love or a traveling partner who doesn't stink up the place, it'll be a long trip indeed.
  • Thanks, guys. Ronna - I'm definitely still up for it. I may even use it to do my first portrait!
  • Wonderful idea Martin....looking forward to seeing your daily's! :)
  • judithjudith -
    edited May 2013
    we used to do them on TCM..was it you Ronna who had that going??? I don't think I could do one a day....well I know I can't but would anyone advise it is definitely worth having small paintings going at the same time as the larger works??? (AS IN I think I would like to do that)
  • No, it wasn't me. It was
  • Your works are breathtaking Martin. When you say 1 a day, how many hours do you spend? Do you paint fulltime?
  • edited May 2013
    Thanks, Amrit. I'm going to give myself 2 hours, max, for a small daily painting. I'm set up to start on one tonight. I don't paint full time - maybe get an average of 2 hours in the studio per day - sometimes more, sometimes none at all. This weekend I rearranged everything in my studio so I have one shadow box setup for a bigger long term DMP painting, one for a simple daily painting, and a drawing board for a drawing. Its a small space, but this way I will always have something to do a little work on even if I only have a short amount of time. BTW, for the daily paintings I will still use Mark's palette and the color checker, but I'll be doing a sketchy underpainting instead of a drawing. Very much like what you're doing with the onion painting that you posted.
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