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Materials for color checker (plastic bit at the end)


My color checker is broken and I need to replace the plastic piece. I used a snipped plastic square from some plants just as Mark did in the video, because I had them around. But the ones I have are really cheap and flimsy -- and brittle. I'm wondering if anybody can recommend an easily obtainable replacement that can be cut relatively easily but is somewhat strong and stiff enough to stand up to use as a color testing platform. I like cutting it so the bottom edge disappears behind the eyehole but I guess I can just paint that part black if it comes to that.

grateful for any advice



  • Why wouldn't a piece of thin metal work? Cut a piece from an empty food can or from the lid with a pair of tin snips. Hot-melt glue or epoxy it in place, then file the overhang flush with the body of the color checker and remove the sharp edges. Otherwise, just be patient and keep an eye out for a piece of stiff plastic from the packaging of something...once you start looking, you'll probably start to see it everywhere. Things like berry boxes might work, the plastic is clear, but that shouldn't really matter. Polyethylene plastic (milk jugs, cottage cheese containers, etc.) might work okay except that the glue probably won't bond well to it--whatever you use, first test the paint on it's surface to make sure it will spread out and wipe off as it should.
  • What about using a piece cut from the plastic book covers or 3-ring binder kids use for school? They are cheap and readily available from the grocery store, Target, Office Depot, etc?
  • Excellent suggestions. I'm not sure I've seen book covers that are stiff enough but will check out the local staples and see. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I go there for everything else!

    We get our fruit in what looks to be cardboard with plastic wrap but I'll keep my eye out in any case. I'm looking for something that will hold its shape and not sag over the edges of the wood.

    I think there's still a Michaels somewhere near me too but so many stores are closing these days it's hard to keep track.

    Thanks again!

  • How about cutting off a piece from a gift card, most are made out of plastic and are very sturdy.
  • At hobby stores, they have a rack with all kinds of plastic strips, panels, rods and what ever one might need. It is white and sometimes gray, very cheap, I mean a few cents depending on what you need. It is thin, easy to cut. It comes in different thicknesses, widths and lengths. It is perfect for this purpose and others.
  • looks like my weekend is shot, many many kids actvities so this will have to wait another week, but I'm full of ideas now! Many thanks everybody
  • I bought a plastic cutting mat from the kitchen gadget section of the dollar store, you can cut a strip off for your colour checker and use the rest to protect your table:)
  • I agree with Castillo, I just used a piece of a spent gift cards. Check out your wallet, chance is there is something you can use in there.
  • I would up making a make shift color checker with a cake frosting knife and a black colored pipe cleaner. I'm hoping it holds out until Mark and Liz are able to make the one Mark designed available for sale. :)
  • Starbucks gift card.
  • Karen said:

    Starbucks gift card.

    That would be at least one good use for it! ;-)

  • @rgr, are you not able to make one yourself? Following Mark's video, I was able to get a small scrap piece of plywood for free and just used a regular hand saw to cut it out. I used a gift card for the plastic part, the metal eye hook cost 30 cents, and the quick dry epoxy was 3 bucks. Might just be quicker and cheaper to make one yourself as opposed to waiting and buying one.
  • I've made several, but the one Mark designed looked slick and is all one piece, which is very appealing.
  • If you're not handy with carpentry, you can make one out of Styrofoam (that's what I did) Just take a scrap of Styrofoam packing material, cut it out in the shape Mark shows in the video, punch a hole in it and glue the screw eye in. Tada! I made two, one with a smaller screw eye, one with a larger. Took very little time to make.
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