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New Handmade Color Checker

I’m very lucky to have a brother in law who’s a machinist- this is the COLOR CHECKER he made for me- it’s adjustable where the eye hole slides and he added holes in the base for an easy grip


  • Made from aluminum 
  • rayart

    Nice work.
    Some suggestions
    A pistol grip would be the natural best shape for this tool. Every new design seems to avoid it.
    The reflecting surface at 45 degrees will throw glare from the ceiling or ceiling light through the eye piece.
    An arms length lanyard will keep the cc close at hand.
    A belt clip may be useful.

  • A black ring and smaller aperture would be beneficial. 45 degrees is correct if your light(s) are set up as MC suggests. I like the holes in the handle. You can hold on to extra brushes that way. Mine would have a pistol grip though; the way Denis implied. Will your brother-in-law make dividers and a brush holder for you as well?
  • Thank you both
    i agree but since my brother in law and I live far apart I am going to have to use this as is and make-doi
    i plan on painting it a black matte finish
  • super clever!   I love the finger holes!!!!
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