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Fern and roses

edited March 19 in Post Your Paintings
Hello everyone,

Just when i thought i was getting a hold panting without color matching and also painting roses, this happened. It is a  9"x12" painting on panel. Scraped the rose twice, got the colors i saw, in there, but not so happy. This is the hard part, i guess of not color matching, but am not going back.
The green of the fern have more color in original painting, the flowers as well, but had to lower the chroma of the photo as the camera had pumped up the color of the background a lot, even in the raw files.

I am so tired of painting these roses, i would like to call the painting done. But still, suggestions welcome :)




  • If you say it's done, IT IS. I don't see anything wrong with the roses. The ferns look a little rushed compared to the rest of the details in all the objects but still very well done.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Great lost lines everywhere.  Sign it.
  • edited March 20
    So beautiful, @anwesha!So delicate! Colours, values, composition are all lovely.  I never tire of looking at your roses. You're the DMP floral master.
    There's no need to do any more to it - it's finished. Sign it and sell it. Or sign it, frame it and hang it. :)
  • Thank you @BOB73 , @PaulB , @tassieguy :) These white flowers are giving me a hard time. I've already started preparing a still life with daisies, but after that I'm going to stay away from white  :/

    I reworked the ferns  a bit, got the edges of the ferns and removed some of the unnecessary highlights. 
  • Such luminous , delicate  roses. 
    You have captured them perfectly @anwesha
  • Excellent job.  Put it up for a few days and look at it again.  You will be surprised at how much more you like it when you aren't so tired of dealing with it.
  • @Dianna , @Hilary , @MichaelD , @oilpainter1950 : Thank you all so much :)
    @oilpainter1950 : I've left it to dry behind another larger painting so that i don't have to see it for a long time :)
  • I would consider it done
    good job
    move on to next one
  • CJDCJD -
    edited March 21
    Looks awesome. Do you not do any wet on dry as a second layer? Seems easier than wiping off and re-doing. I've also thought it's a good alternative to colour matching as you can make colour corrections. I haven't really gotten around to doing this myself yet on many paintings but it sounds like a good idea. Also makes it easy to lay in perfectly clear and unmuddled darks, midtones, and lights where needed
  • @rayart , @CJD : thank you :)

    @CJD : you're right, scraping off can be messy, but i still do it when i feel i want to work on the area immediately and the sdm would take some time to dry.... I also  like the smooth surface that you can start over on when you scrape off...  but of course,  if the area is semi-dry, I'll let it dry and then work on it.
  • Something you've done well is the leaves in the bottom half. They have a nice soft flowy look to them.. Something I've been wondering how to achieve. Did you do anything different with the leaves this time?
  • @CJD : Thanks, I painted the leaves inside the bottle first with a flat brush (I prefer them much more than filberts, to control the edges), and later went over the brown background adjusting the edges. Didn't try to refine them much. Used paint enough to make the marks and not dollops of it. And tried to keep the darks thin and lights comparatively thicker.
  • Rich_ARich_A -
    edited March 22
    This came out very nice as usual. This is a painting I would hang in my house.
  • edited March 22
    Hi @anwesha, I’m going to stick my neck out and go against the general consensus here. This is a lovely painting but I don’t think this up to your usual high standard. I think maybe you are feeling that too. I’m not sure what it is. There is a feeling of stiffness in the fern leaves and the painting has a general  flatness to it- I don’t get a sense of the light in this one. Usually one of the most pleasing moments for me in a floral painting is the passage of light through leaves and petals. The composition is spot on and the addition of the baby’s breath adds a nice foil to the weight of the roses. Hope this is in some way constructive for you.

    Sometimes I wish we could chat and have a more back and forth discussion instead of writing comments that can seem a bit blunt.

  • edited March 22
    Thank you for taking the time to write about it @Boudicca ! As I too agree with you and after finishing the painting, I wasn't satisfied and the frustration because i couldn't mend it even after trying. The ferns had too much detail which i wanted to avoid going into  for the painting to not look too overworked with tiny brushes. With all the little angles in each leaflet, it was i realized not my cup of tea. And I also agree with the main rose, i tried it multiple times, but couldn't achieve what i wanted to, and am too not happy like i said. I am glad you too noticed this. After painting this I went back to my other flower paintings and i noticed, its always the white flowers that have given me issues like this. Be it the white peony, the white lily or this recent white rose.
    As for the lighting i wanted a diffused kind of lighting, but i could not translate it well with the flower and so it might look confusing. Again, my bad :)

    P.S. you can message me anytime, will be glad to receive one on one critique :D 
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