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Geneva Brush Dip

I have some paintbrushes trying to clean. It has some dried up oil paint. Can Geneva Brush Dip help? If so, how can I do it?


  • dencaldencal -
    edited March 18

    Immerse the brush and part part of the ferrule in a small container of an undiluted cleaning product containing around 3% hydrogen peroxide. My fav for this task is Glitz carpet stain remover, a local product, but I am sure there will be something similar where you live. Please avoid long soaking in any water/detergent based or hydrocarbon solvent product as this will ruin the brush.

    Patience is required at least six hours with an occasional agitation. If more drastic measures are called for then about an hour in isopropyl alcohol should do the trick.

    If if neither of these work then try some citrus oil paint stripper.

  • Wow, Denis cleaning brushes in rocket fuel? Splendid Idea. All the stuff I used to use has been banned. @lavenderrose17 , THE brush dip isn't for cleaning but it'll keep you from having to clean them. See Mark Carder's video on "Why I Paint With Dirty Brushes". He explains the Brush Dip there.
  • Murphy's Oil Soap.  Works like a champ and no harsh solvents.

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