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OMS is white

Any issues with using this OMS that is milky white for cleaning? It freaked me out when I poured it out. 


  • Freeman

    Mineral spirits, esp the ‘eco friendly varieties’ will turn cloudy with moisture in the hydrocarbon. The hydrocarbon may look clear if the temperature is warm. If the liquid cools it may become cloudy as saturated water will begin to condense.

    OMS for painting should be clear at any temperature. Not expensive, get yourself some new stuff.
    If only for cleaning brushes use the remainder, but get some clear.


  • Weird. It is eco friendly so called, and they acknowledge the cloudiness. I think I will use it for cleaning, but run them through the good stuff once at the end. Thanks 
  • Freeman

    My reading on this issue suggests that products like KleanStrip can be up to 30% water to cut down the vapor level and lower the flashpoint. It creates havoc with the fine woodworkers attempting to apply perfect varnish coatings.

  • The lower the flash point, the greater the hazard usually.

  • Not not worth the trouble with my brushes I think. I really don’t want any water getting into the brushes unless I am washing them.
  • I'm glad you asked this question Freeman. I bought a can last summer that was milky white. I did not like it at all and mistrusted that it would be ok with painting so I went back out and bought my regular tin of OMS. Thanks for the explanation too because now I know why I didn't trust it. 
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