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Stolen Bruegel masterpiece was switched with fake in police sting


A good news art theft. Finally.

Police in Italy are unconcerned about the daring theft of a Flemish master's painting - because they had replaced it with a fake a month ago.




  • What a clever foil!

    The police had heard of a plan to steal it so they secreted it away. However, a very small few did notice the difference:
    "[The mayor] also thanked members of the church for holding their peace - "because some faithful had noticed that the one on display was not the original, but did not reveal the secret".'
  •  :) 
    I just read this too and was about to post.
    Great story
  • A new ambition for artists: Have your art replaced with fakes because they are too valuable for public display. And a new market for less notable artists: Paint fakes to foil the art thieves!
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