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On the Beach WIP

I have one more pass to go on this, refining the figures and faces just a bit more. My concern is the depth of view. Do you get a sense of distance in the background? If not, suggestions? Thanks for your input.


  • I like the piece! Maybe bring down the dark patch on left side of the water, seems to compete with the figures this should also help to correct the depth of field issue?
  • Love the bold brushwork and blue/violet in the shadows. A smoother gradation in the sky might help the depth issue - not sure without seeing the source. :)
  • edited March 12
    @Freeman Another suggestion, about the umbrella, if maybe as much as 2/3 of the face could be 1 step (1 value) lighter on the top surface, possibly push for a 2nd step lighter in some areas closer to center maybe extend toward the right side, following the triangular shapes. I recommend reviewing FAC book 16 Color-the theory and practise of painting, I'm confident you'll find quick and easy reference here.
  • I really like this.  Couldn't paint like this if I had to.  To create a little more depth in the painting I would suggest lightening the sky at the horizon.  
  • I think straightening the horizon may help- at the moment it looks like a sloping dune behind them (maybe it is?)
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