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Litchenstein Castle - Germany

edited March 4 in Post Your Paintings
Hello all, this is a 24” x 48” oil painting I’ve started on canvas, but haven’t finished yet - was hoping you all could tell me if I’m going in the right direction. This is, literally, my second painting ever and would appreciate any and all comments.

I thank you in advance!



  • PaulBPaulB mod
    First, welcome, and well done.  You're doing a good job.  Sky and trees look good.

    From the trees, I can't tell the direction of the light.  Nor from the clouds.  The tower make it looks like the light is from the left, but there is a lack of dark values.  You're painting this:

    I think you need to get away from that salmon pink color and add darker values first, as DMP strongly suggests.
  • Thanks Paul!  I greatly appreciate your input!!

    That’s not the exact photo I’m following, but it is the same vantage point for sure.

    Yeah, I agree, the castle needs work. Now that I’m completed on the right side, as far as my current talent will allow any way, I’ll try to tie it in with more accurate colors.

    I think I struggled at first because the original photo I was using was a very poor quality image. I’ve recently found something much better that shows the natural colors.

    ill take your advise and try to make it look more accurate...stay tuned. LOL
  • Welcome, @kdtappen. That's a lovely scene. For a "second painting ever" it's good. I really like the way you've done the trees. Your drawing of the castle is good, too. Are you colour matching against your photo to get the correct colour of the castle? Mark shows how to do it in his free videos. :)
  • Welcome to the forum. It looks like you've brought your "A"- Game. Are you copying a painting style? The clouds suggest an old master's work.
  • Thank you Tassieguy, I certainly appreciate your kind words. The photo I’m using is too small to color check, with anything really. I’ve watched every video at my disposal and realize I need to get a few more pieces of equipment to do what they’re showing, but for now, I’m forced to “wing it”. 

    I think the the reason the castle looks so bad right now is because I originally started this painting using a different color group, that had a lot of purple and pinks. It looked good then, but now that I’ve started using what, I think, are more natural colors, yeah, it’s got to be gone over again.

    I’ll keep posting as progress is made. If you wouldn’t mind checking back in a few days, I’d appreciate any additions comments you can offer. Without any formal training, and just following whatever video I can find to help teach me how to push paint around, any help you can offer would be awesome and greatly appreciated!! 
  • BOB73 - Thank you sir! That has to be one of the kindest things anyone has ever said about my artwork. Although this is only my second painting ever, I’ve doodled with a #2 pencil my whole life.  But no, I’m not trying to copy anyone’s style or methods. I’m still trying to figure out how to push the paint around. LOL. But, again, I can’t thank you enough! Kind words build confidence, and without any formal instruction, I’ll take all I can get! 
  • @kdtappen - I love  your trees and clouds, and I think  you've done a fantastic job replicating the castle!  Can't wait to see the finished product!  ...and welcome!  :)
  • Thank you manitou, I worked on those trees for two days, I’m pretty sure I had nightmares about them. LOL. Seriously though, thank you for the comment. I’m going to attempt another go at the castle soon, I’ll try not to mess it up.  Although I don’t really like the colors or shading too much, the prospective isn’t too far off. And I did that before I had a divider 😉
  • Welcome to the Forum.  For a second painting this is fantastic.  Looking forward to the finished painting.  In future remember that you will be severely  hampered by inferior reference material.
  • Thank you oilpainter1950, I appreciate that!

    I’ve recently decided that I need to get a better printer.  With help from the videos on the web site, I hope to be able to scale up my reference photos in the future and be able to properly check colors. For now, I’ll wing it. LOL

    I don’t get much time to work on the painting, so, depending on how much I have to scrape off, it will be a while before it will be complete. LOL

    In either case, because of the support I’m getting here, I will definitely get’er done!
  • Finall throwing color down on the castle...only the right side is done, whatcha think so far? 

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