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Could you hel me get answers for this

SanaSana -
edited February 11 in General Discussion
Could you help me get answers for this


  • Sana

    There are no questions to find answer for. These techniques demonstrate how to achieve different effects with water color.


  • For discussions in this forum, wet in wet usually refers to painting wet paint on wet paint or ala prima in oils. That is the main method in Mark Carder's instruction. Wet on Dry in oils means painting new paint over dry paint sometimes as a glaze to get a different color or to add effects like fog or smoke. Lift and Splatter are ways to add texture to paintings, usually backgrounds in a realism piece. Adding texture this way is seen more often in impressionist oil painting. Adding salt, powder, sand or other granulated materials over painted areas is not usually done in oil painting as described because the oil paint will hold anything that is dropped on the surface but this can be done in the preparation phase adding sand or other particulates as a means of creating texture under the painting or giving more "tooth" to a smooth surface to make it easier to apply the paint.
  • I was a Fire Service Instructor.
  • @BOB73 could u help me identify the paintings on both side. I couldn’t find the exact painting that matches the names in the middle of the page
  • I don't see the paintings.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    @BOB73, that refers to the original post, which appears to be asking us to complete some homework.

    So @Sana, what are your choices?  Maybe we'll guide you, but asking us to do homework isn't right.
  • Gosh!  How did you figure that homework thing out @PaulB.  I didn't have a clue!  You are right on top of things and make a good moderator!  I'm impressed.  Summer  :)
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    @Summer, well, I don't know, I just *suspect.  I'm a moderator on software forums, and it is very common for people to pass off homework questions as innocent curiosity, but they are easy to spot, being somewhat formulaic questions.  But I could be completely wrong also, it could be self-study and @Sana is stuck, in which case we need to help.

    Either way, it would be better for us to interact with @Sana, than simply answer the questions.  @BOB73 is doing it right, above.
  • edited February 16
    For some random reason I'm reminded of some of the funny posts from teachers (on the internet) that pupils have given in exams.


    Q. Expand on this  3 x +1

    A.    3      x    +     1


  • What was the original post? I have found no paintings to identify.
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