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"Edit" Icon Not Showing Up?

The "edit" icon not showing up for me on any of my posts from phone and pc. Unable to make and add corrections.
 Is anyone else experiencing this? I'd better get it right 1st time around! Lol!


  • Forgiveness

    Edit is working normally for me on an iPad.

  • Edit button not showing up for me on iPad. On best behaviour until it’s back.
  • The edit icon works for me on this post, from phone, but not for my other posts.
  • It doesn't work on both my phone and pc, but I am granted the the ability to edit the opening title and discussion that appear above, only in this thread.
     This too shall pass?
  • OH! It’s back now. 
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    It was missing for me, and now it's back.

    Web pages these days are composed on the fly, sourced from static content (pictures, styling), retrieved data (text, timestamps), and interactive elements (javascript).  All are provided from different services, and sometimes it doesn't all come together.  Individual services are not always 100% reliable, and sometimes requests time out, or even our browsers sometimes get a bit distracted.

    As a software pro, that description is something I should be ashamed of, but I'm heading towards an analogy: I'm building a house, and the electrician is late, so we move ahead with the plumbing, but we can't put that drywall up yet, because it needs the electrical in first, which also delays the window installation.  Assembling web pages is that kind of mess sometimes.

    It never surprises me when an icon disappears, of the emoticons aren't working, or the edit option disappears, or @Julianna's posts include "Type comment here" or whatever that is.

    If you think something odd is happening with a website, I suggest just waiting it out, and relaunching your browser.
  • It's all good now. Thanks PaulB that explains a lot.
  • Thanks @PaulB for the analogy.  :)
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