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Stay safe Australia

I've been reading that you have been having some of the hottest weather every recorded:

"Australia has just sweltered through at least five of its 10 warmest days on record, authorities estimate.

An extreme heatwave has afflicted the nation since Saturday, causing wildlife deaths, bushfires and an increase in hospital admissions.

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology said preliminary readings showed daily national temperature highs of 40C.

The town of Noona in New South Wales meanwhile recorded a night-time temperature of 35.9C.

Temperatures on Friday will soar above 42C in "broad areas", the bureau predicted."

Just want to say Stay Safe and try to get some respite from the heat. I'm sure it's not doing the extended drying times in your paints any good..



  • Oh wow, I thought the tourists from hell left New Zealand and were headed that way - those tourists would find themselves "disappeared" if they tried some their crap in the South - have you heard about them?  A family of about 12 are wreaking havoc on that country - trashing places, stealing, being disruptive, cursing at people, being vile and they can't deport them for another 2 weeks...  At least if it is hot as hell, they hopefully will be miserable.   

    Sorry that Australia and NZ good people are having a bad time.
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    This is quite similar to us in parts of Canada, where I live specifically, last summer. Keep yourselves well at all cost!
     This winter weekend we are heading to -50 cold for the next 3 to 4 days at least, very windy, very dangerous, frostbite in 2 to 3 minutes. I hope none of our water pipes burst.
  • SummerSummer -
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    Good one Denis!  :)
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    Not so bad here in Tassie (apart from a lot of smoke from forest fires) - it's only in the 20s - but my sister who lives in inland Oz said the birds are dropping dead from the sky, the rivers are drying up and there are massive fish kills. It's why I came to Tassie. Summers are just too cruel on the mainland for this old bloke. And they're only going to get worse.
    @Julianna,  I hope those delightful tourists stay away from Tassie. :)
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    -16C and a foot of snow here tomorrow, if you Aussies need a change of pace.
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    I think the inland, top end and east coast hit hardest. On the south west coast not so bad warming up today  38c (100f) and tomorrow 40c (104f) but cooling down again. 
    Painted the second coat of foundation stain on 15 canvases last night. Dry now.
  • Thanks for thinking of us @Richard_P. Damn hot here in Canberra - four days in a row over 40c for the first time ever. I'm off to the beach next week to seek some relief. Our spare room is a sauna so no imminent re-start on painting activity yet either. Rob - I had a couple of days in Launceston this week - although it felt cooler, it was still over 30c there too.
  • ElizeElize -
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    Thanks @Richard_P,  I’m so glad I don’t live in Brisbane anymore, Perth is a breeze. :)
  • Rob: Doesn't Tassie get very cold in the winter though? We have mild winters and summers here, though that seems to be changing in the last few years.
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    Yes, it snows here, @Richard_P but rarely settles at sea level where we are - every few years we'll get a dusting here.  In summer it can get to 40 degrees but it never stays hot enough for long enough to become bothersome and it always cools down at night. Unlike on the mainland.

    Hope you aren't getting too cold up there.   :)
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